Better Way to Glue

SQOTS™: Clear SQuare dOTS in Tabs Dispenser Box


sqots tabs in dispenser boxThis pack has 180 Clear Square Glue Dots dispensed as Tabs competitively priced with smaller retail packs of similar sized round glue dots or sticky dots with far fewer glue dots in them.


Most convenient and perhaps the easiest to use, SQOTS™ Tabs are clear square glue dots that can be dispensed one at a time for application using finger pressure.  This format allows single clear square glue dots to be firmly pressed onto difficult adhesive areas or into tight spots. They dispense with a cover sheet so they can be applied to the target surface and then when required the cover sheet can be removed for adhering to the opposite surface.  This product is a beautiful combination of the convenience offered by the SQOTS™ in Applicator Box and SQOTS™ in sheet form.  So easy to use, your kids will love it!

Using the clear glue dots you can apply business cards to letters and samples; even label company property like computers with your business cards. The Square Area of this glue dot is larger than similar diameter round dots of glue. The SQOTS™ glue is evenly laid down in a well-defined square shape; it is not formed by squashed drips like most round Glue Dots.  The SQOTS™ Square shape allows you to place the sticky dots (Square Dots of Glue) near corners and near the edges of items.

If you leave the backing in place you can prepare small signs, greeting cards or even business cards for sticking down later.


sqots tabsqots tabssqots tab individual


Coins, buttons, glass, paper, it’s long been a problem to try to stick these things pretty much anywhere. But now, you’ll never have to worry about this again. Thanks to its innovative design and easy-to-apply ability, this self-adhesive square dot is perfect for fastening ANYTHING to virtually ANYTHING! NO mess, NO Frustration, NO PROBLEM!


Square dots is the solution you’ve been waiting for. It’s odorless, colorless, and will solve your dilemma before you even know it.

Square dots is perfect for all your kits like model aircrafts or puzzles, kids activities, paper chains, scrapbooking, project-making, repair needs and endless possibilities. No more headaches trying to figure out how to stick on hard to reach surface; no more wasted time waiting for your glue to dry; no more sticky hands; no more predicaments. SQUARE DOTS IS THE ONE!


Firmly attaching a greeting card to gifts or flowers in advanced with SQOTS™ already applied make it very easy to put them straight on to the gift.


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