Better Way to Glue

SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue for Synthetic Nails, Fake Nails or Plastic Nails

In case you are comfortable wearing your fingernails short but wanting to have long and exquisite fingernails, then synthetic nails happen to be an option. Having synthetic nails done for you in the salon is possible but costly.

With some simple resources you can stick on synthetic nails in the comfort of your own home. Saving cash and time while you enjoy altering your nails from one style to the next are amongst the rewards in trying this project.

Over the holidays, I figured I would escape from my daily routine and check these plastic nails I have had sitting in my closet for a long time. Problem is that, the nail glue doesn’t work – after wasting my time waiting for it to dry, the fake nails drop off quickly. I found myself afraid to make use of a wet glue due to the residue and damage you can get to fingernails. Applying other types of adhesives may potentially add to the problems when removing later with nail polish remover – which could cause chemical burns.

The concept of utilizing SQOTS™ Glue Dot Tabs struck me! Pressure-sensitive, SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue form quick bond to a number of materials. Removable and easy to use, these adhesive dots are double sided.  SQOTS™ Tabs are dispensed one at a time and made this project super easy for me. To my delight, the bond is surprisingly sturdy to the fingernails and the plastic nail, I wore them for several hours!

How to Use Synthetic, Fake or Plastic Nails:

  1. Clean both hands and get rid of all nail polish out of your fingernails with the nail polish remover. Buff the nails.
  2. The package includes a variety of nail sizes that you can match to the size of your nails.
  3. After preparing the nails, and the SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue in Tabs, you are now ready for the application. Put the glue dot on your fingernail and then stick the fake nail on top with pressure applied for at least 3 seconds. Feeling the impact of instant bond, you will be assured they will not fall off soon. You can even bring some extra Clear Square Dots in your purse just in case because the SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue in TAB format come in a small handy pack of 180 that easily slips into your handbag.

How to Remove Plastic Nails if you used SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue:

Remove the plastic nails by gently shearing it off your nails sideways or sliding the fake nail over the direction of your nail until it budges. What is happening underneath is that the square glue dot is stretching and when it stretches the glue dot starts to release. If you pull up off your nail, the adhesive can be really tough to remove; so don’t forget to stretch the SQOTS™ when you remove the fake nails. The plastic nails may be used over and over as a result of removable, no residue quality of the SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue.

My only question, how can this product not a part of beauty supplies in today’s market?

Maybe SQOTS™ will quickly become part of nail art supplies because now that SQOTS™ are available, there is an easy to apply affordable option which can evenly hold fake nails in position (I can not imagine an uneven, squashed, “round” glue dot being as efficient for my fake nails.

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