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SQOTS™: Clear SQuare dOTS in Applicator Box


Applicator Box

This pack has 200 Clear Square Glue Dots competitively priced with smaller retail packs of similar sized round glue dots or sticky dots with far fewer glue dots in them.


The SQOTS™ Clear Square Glue Dots are provided in Boxes that provide a convenient way to apply the self-adhesive square dots. The clever dispensing box takes away the normally fiddly task of applying glue dots or sticky dots. The SQOTS™  are convenient to store and use making these packs  a must have addition to any stationary draw or office desk.  Using the Clear Square Glue Dots you can apply business cards to letters and samples; even label company property like computers with your business cards. The Square Area of this glue dot is larger than similar diameter round glue dots. The SQOTS™ glue is evenly laid down in a well-defined square shape; it is not formed by squashed drips like most “round” dots of glue on the market.


sqots box Applicator Box dispenser box

This format of SQOTS™ is great for:
  1. Applying Business Cards to promotional material
  2. School projects, crafts and displaying those precious masterpieces that come home from school
  3. Shops and restaurants fixing small signs or securing items on display
  4. The printing process, where SQOTS™ are a simple way to attach items – such as phone or credit cards to a backing card or promotional CD’s to a magazine.
  5. For the handyman and hardware manufacturer SQOTS™ are a simple idea for holding templates or aligning hardware prior to cutting or joining.

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