Better Way to Glue

Fan of SQOTS and Straw Building Sets

Construct-o-Straws and Connecta Straws have turned the concept of regular drinking straws into clever construction kits.

Both simple and intricate models can be developed using these thicker and stronger straws with connectors which are light in weight.

The brightly colour plastic building kits are ideal for children whose visualization produce more free-form sculpture concepts. Putting together their work of art, youngsters train their basic principles of balance proportion and hand-eye coordination.

There are tubes of varying lengths and plenty of connectors that put them all together. These construction sets allow youngsters to be junior engineers while they construct numerous working models. Surely, the kids will have a good time building their models using these sturdy plastic straws and connectors. Parents will love them too as they are economical and reuseable.

The very young are attracted by the bright colours and easy method of joining pieces together. Older children are intrigued by making more complex models. The program does not limit the child’s creativity but allow overall flexibility in their expression in 3D medium that increases hand to eye co-ordination. And because children will be playing with them for years, it’s a good idea to have quality sets that will last. To eliminate irritation and disappointment younger children often experience in poorly constructed pieces, choose high quality sets.

Simple yet complex is the detailed description I would give these building sets. Sometimes laying blocks on top of one after the other just isn’t enough to satisfy the construction urge in some children, especially the more mechanically minded kids! These construction sets are perfect for these kids. The pieces can be connected and in a wide variety of ways, allowing children to build just about any kind of structure. Kids can be creative while they learn about balance and even architecture. The kids in us will surely take pleasure in these building straws as much as our children do.

The intelligent mind of a gifted child will welcome intellectual challenge. This is why these building and constructing kits are well appreciated by gifted kids. They love working out solutions. Given these tools to use their imagination with, children will always create large, bright complex structures. Help develop our children’s imagination and creativity by providing them these tools.

The Connecta Straws model shown above was the work of a constructive 8 year old boy. He made a sphere and then asked his parents to use their SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue to stick it on the ceiling fan so he could watch it spins around. The SQOTS™ (2 of them) held the model to the fan for around 20 minutes under low speed setting.

It was something fun for the kids to do that was easy to remove afterwards. He is excited with his work and he could not wait to show his friends when they visit.

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