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SQOTS™: Clear SQuare dOTS in Sheet Form


Sqots sheet form Featured ImageThis pack has 10 sheets of 20 Clear Square Glue Dots (total 200 SQOTS™) competitively priced with smaller retail packs of similar sized round glue dots or sticky dots with far fewer glue dots in them.


SQOTS™ Sheets are perforated allowing you to separate the required number of SQOTS™ easily and cleanly. This format allows one side of the SQOTS™ to be applied to an item with its Opaque backing paper remaining in place; the opaque backing can then be peeled off later when the item needs to be stuck down. Altenatively, the desired number of SQOTS™ can be easily separated with both their clear protective film and their opaque backing paper for distribution with items or as part of a kit.


sheet form Featured Imagesqots sheet formsqots sheet form


SQOTS™ square dots can easily be detached without leaving a messy residue or damaging surfaces. Use them to secure photos or other lightweight items to virtually any surface. The perforated sheets with clear liner allow for precise placement every time. They work on paper, plastic, metal, wood, glass and other surface imaginable.


Square dots isn’t just about sticking things; it’s about meeting your needs with only the best. SQOTS™ won’t just get the job done, it will also lessen the time you’ll need because you get it right the first time. No more headaches trying to figure out how to stick this to that; no more wasted time waiting for your glue to dry; no more sticky hands; no more predicaments. Square Dots is the one! With so many terrific applications, you’d be surprised how incredibly easy it is to use SQOTS™.


SQOTS™ in Action: See how easy it is to remove from surface

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