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SQOTS™-Tape for Sign, Poster, Chart and Craft Clear Double Sided

SQOTS™-Tape for Sign, Poster, Chart and Craft Clear Double Sided

Jan 26, 2012


One Side Repositionable


When you need to constantly change posters, signs, charts and notices or you are looking for the fastest way possible to put them up there’s no better way.


We took a product used by thousands of 7/11 stores in Asia and made it easier to use and accessible to the public through this retail format.  With one side repositionable for a time it is ideal for temporary applications.  In time this side also becomes permanent making it ideal for the long haul applications as well.  A sliding cutter and easy peel edges make using this clear double sided (one side repositionable) adhesive tape incredibly easy and fast.  Parents, Merchandisers, Students and Staff will all appreciate just how quick and easy this SQOTS™-Tape gets the Job done.


sqots tape sqots tape sqots tape in action

Designed for speed and convenience the SQOTS™-Tape requires no scissors or long fingernails:

There Is A Built In Cutting Blade The Backing Paper Has “PEEL-OFF” Edges Enabling The Backing Paper To Be Grasped And Peeled Off From ANYWHERE Along The Length Of The Tape

The Adhesive Under The Backing Paper Is Re-positionable So Your Poster, Picture Or Item Can Be Repositioned For A Period And Later Removed From The Wall, Window Or Surface Leaving No Residue

Fantastic For Shops , Real estate Agents, Schools, Hospitals, The Office And At Home

Easy Backing Paper Removal. Re-positional, Double Sided SQOTS™-Tape.


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