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Removing Clear Square Dots After Long Exposure to Light

SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue and SQOTS™-TAPE can become “permanent” especially if used on windows where light can get to the adhesive side.

As usual, as with all SQOTS™ and SQOTS™-Tape application you will need to do your own tests to insure the products are suitable for your surface and application. If in doubt, you can always apply your work to Glass or a Surface that cannot be damaged by Adhesive.

This article concentrates on the case where the SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue have been in place on a window for many months and UV light has acted on the normally pliable and removable adhesive to become more permanent.

Put simply, the application of Cooking Oil (in our tests we used Sesame Oil) and some elbow grease will remove the SQOTS™.

We have conducted long term test exposing SQOTS™ products to UV light over an extended period of time in direct sunlight. Our tests show that in approximately 3 weeks of direct sunlight the SQOTS™ loose their easy stretch removable properties and become more “permanent”.  Depending on the location this period of time could be shorter or longer. 

In the video below you can see that in about 3-4 minutes of elbow grease the “permanent” SQOTS™ do come off cleanly.  A factor that influences how hard and long the rubbing is needed is the thickness of the “Juicy” SQOTS™.  In the video the full thickness SQOTS™ are rubbed away and this takes about 3-4 minutes of rubbing.

In the Pictures below a quicker method was employed where a Blade was carefully used to remove most of the thickness of the SQOTS™ from the window; then the cooking oil was applied.

01 Removing SQOTS02 Removing SQOTS03 Removing SQOTS04 Removing SQOTS05 Removing SQOTS06 Removing SQOTS

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