Better Way to Glue

Lost Petrol or Gas Vouchers Remedy

Put an end to lost Petrol/Gas Saving vouchers or other discount coupons by using


Lost Petrol or Gas Vouchers

It is so frustrating turning up to the petrol/gas station knowing you have a discount coupon ….somewhere… Your wallet or purse has too many receipts in it already to keep stuffing it with vouchers that expire every two weeks.

The Solution:

Stick the voucher up in your car using SQOTS™ in Applicator Box. In this instance, I applied a single to a voucher and stuck it near the radio. Another thought I had was to stick it to the inside of the Petrol/Gas tank cover dot of glue but then I might forget the voucher is there and end up at a petrol/gas outlet that does not honour that voucher.  Anyway the beauty of using the Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue SQOTS™ in Applicator Box is that you can place the voucher in a position where it is likely to be used!

Because the SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue have the stretch and release property the voucher can be “sheared” off when needed and if the dot of glue remains on the car surface rather than the docket, the it can be cleanly and quickly stretched off with a little practice.


Stretch Removing SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue

SQOTS™ are clear, self-adhesive, Square Dots or Tiles of Glue which are removable without damaging your items. Shear surfaces together without damaging the products and stretch SQOTS™ off. No graphics lost and no damage to surfaces. Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue leave no mess!

The SQOTS™ range of products, which we describe as dots of glue, square dots of glue, tiles of glue, square self-adhesive dots and other phrases that have the words dots or glue, is not affiliated with or associated with any dots of glue manufacturers, representative, affiliates or websites promoting or selling their products with trademarks or trade names that include or consist of the common phrase description “glue dots”.