Better Way to Glue

Office Whiteboard

Displaying current important notices on an office whiteboard.


A whiteboard is also known as a dry wipe board, or a marker board.  It has grown in popularity over the years and today it has replaced the traditional chalkboards in schools, colleges, offices and meeting rooms. In fact, in most of the offices these days, the whiteboards have become a useful permanent fixture that people cannot do without.


Cleverly use your whiteboard if you want to stop wasting time in your office looking for notices when you need them or forgetting about them until it is too late. There are also some items you regularly refer to; For example postal information or train timetables. It would be handy to have them on a display board for immediate access.



SQOTS™ sticky dots make all this possible. To mount notices simply apply SQOTS™ under each and then press into place on your whiteboard. For any notices that you wish to lie flat on your board extra SQOTS™ can be applied to each corner. Old notices are easily removed by pulling gently downwards, stretching the SQOTS™ underneath, allowing for new notices to be added as needed. This kind of method for using a notice board is also useful in the kitchen or a child’s study.


 SQOTS™ or Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue used for the office, crafts and for Commercial packaging applications. These Square Self Adhesive Dots are produced with a patent pending process that lays down the glue in what we believe is a far more controlled layer than can be obtained by older methods where adhesive is dripped onto a backing to form round dots of glue. The results speak for themselves whether trying dots of glue or sticky dots for the first time or comparing our SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue against sticky dots you have used in the past. You can compare our SQOTS™ to “Dots of Glue “or to “Super Dots” or even “Sticky Dots” and we are sure our unique product that we call SQOTS™; short for Square Self Adhesive Dots; is a more economic and most likely superior performing – more convenient option.


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The SQOTS™ range of products, which we describe as dots of glue, square dots of glue, tiles of glue, square self-adhesive dots and other phrases that have the words dots or glue, is not affiliated with or associated with any dots of glue manufacturers, representative, affiliates or websites promoting or selling their products with trademarks or trade names that include or consist of the common phrase description “glue dots”.