Better Way to Glue

Ratchet Set Organized

Every Handyperson with a Ratchet set knows the frustration of opening up your ratchet set to find a jumble of ratchets that fall out of their shallow recess and make finding the right size Ratchet head a real pain.


Here we use SQOTS™ Sheet form to secure and orientate the Ratchet heads in their case (we could have also used the Box Dispenser format). The end result is knowing that when you open your Ratchet set you will have a clean and neat display of the Ratchet heads with their size marking to the front of the box. With this exercise it should be the last time you have to sort out your Ratchet set to find what you need in that set quickly.


The Ratchet set we used is a basic set but contained both metric and imperial Ratchet heads. When this set was opened, almost always, the Ratchet heads would jumble around and present a well mixed set of Ratchet heads that make finding the right Ratchet head difficult and closing the case of Ratchets impossible without fumbling around to push ratchet heads back into the case recesses.


First step is to insure the ratchet set heads are free of oil and dirt (as best you can). Emptying the case we start with the largest ratchets heads and work our way down. The heads are rolled onto the SSQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue where they pick up the SQOTS™; it is best to orientate the ratchet Head such that the SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue are applied opposite to the size marking.



In some cases the case recess for the ratchet may have a secondary recess which prevents a single SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue from sticking the ratchet head in place. To overcome this secondary recess you simply apply more SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue over one another to build up the thickness to the required thickness. In our case about 95 % of the ratchet set needed only one SQOTS™ tiles of dots.


After we completed the exercise we were able to hold the open ratchet set case and hold it close to vertical with all ratchet heads remaining in place and ALL SIZES of the ratchet heads visible for quick selection.


Note: It should be possible to use the ratchet with the SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue in place and reset the ratchet head in its place in the case. In the event the Ratchet Head or the SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue becomes dirty or oily the SQOTS™ can be removed by stretching them off and a new SQOTS™ SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue applied. To this end it is recommended to carry a pack of sheet form SQOTS™ SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue in your tool box.

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