Better Way to Glue

Paper Chains

No waiting around for glue to dry, or angled staples SQOTS™ Sheet are great for Paper Chains.

Fun and easy to do, paper chains is an old favorite.  Whenever you have a need to decorate your home economically during Christmas, other special occasions, or even just for a rainy day, paper chains can be really good, colorful decorations.

You could mess around with staples, sticky tape of glue or get the job done quickly without mess using SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue Sheet Form. Engage the kids and family in this fun, interactive and creative activity. Encourage social, imaginative and fine motor skills away from computer games. The cost is minimal.

For a whole room all that is needed is:

  • a pack of SQOTS™ Sheet
  • a packet of A4 coloured art paper from the $2 shop and scissors


Each sheet of paper is folded into 8 and is then cut into 8 strips. 1 SQOTS™ Sheet is applied to 1 end of each strip or more if you are making long chains. To form a link, a strip is curled and the ends pressed together to sandwich the SQOTS™ Sheet. Thread each strip into the previous link to form subsequent links until you have the required length of chain. A SQOTS™ Sheet can be applied to the outside of say every 10th link and each chain can be pressed into the required position for display. Now enjoy the delightful environment you have created!


No matter what special event you are planning, paper chains will be an appropriate decoration to have. Whether you are using bright colours for a birthday party or traditional colours, like red and green for Christmas, making paper chains will help to include your children in preparing for any event. Including some metallic papers can make the decorations sparkle in the evening lights.


Paper chains can be hung from the ceiling, fixed around doors and windows, or draped over furniture. Don’t forget you can put them on the Christmas tree too.


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SQOTS™ in sheet form can be supplied with the greeting card as a value added service to provide customer convenience and to stand out from other greeting cards/stores.



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