Better Way to Glue

Mother’s Day Balloons Decorating Ideas

I have recently introduced SQOTS™ Square Dots of Glue to my children and they were very thrilled.  They thought up hundreds of ideas to consume them right away.  The ideas they came up with were all enjoyable and remarkably entertaining.  My daughter instantly thought of using them for the then upcoming Mother’s Day celebration.


The kids tried new art and craft decorating ideas to make this Mother’s Day a bit more interesting and imaginative. They came up with unique decorations that include balloons and banners into the assortment.  It was not only fun for the kids, but also a learning experience. It was fascinating to find out that they had kept their Mother’s Day surprise a secret until Mother’s Day.


Decorating should be fun and simple for everyone to do. Kids can craft their own ideas for a unique touch and make enjoyable decorations without having to spend a lot. I really love the balloon arrangements they put together.   I was surprised at how easy it was to assemble, which is entirely a different story without being able to use SQOTS™ Square Dots of Glue.


Materials Needed:



  • Inflate the balloons needed and tie securely.

  • Put the balloons together securing them with Sqots™ Tabs

  • Fix the balloon decoration on the wall with Sqots™ Square Dots of Glue



After all the fun and laughter following the celebration, it is time to clean up all the decorations..  It is incredible that this time, I didn’t have to deal with a lot of mess that is usually the consequences of leaving the kids in charge!  Incredibly, Sqots™ Square Dots of Glue are as easy to remove as they are straightforward to use.   What more can I ask for?  It took me less than a minute to clear the wall where the balloons and banner have been.  It is truly an innovative product that I recommend to anyone, especially for party organizers.

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