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Restaurant Menu Board

Display your restaurant or cafe menu securely and neatly to attract customers using SQOTS™-Tape

The menu board is one of the most important features in a cafe or restaurant. It is the first interaction that a customer has with the establishment.  To create a lasting impression, a well designed menu board is a must.


If you are a restaurateur, you probably spent months, or even years, generating a diverse and delicious menu. After all, the food is one of the most important element in your business. Now that you have the food figured out, you must present your choices in an easy to read and appealing manner. Your restaurant menu board should be well designed and easy to understand so you can highlight your food selection in a way that will delight your customers.


But before a person can taste what you have to offer, he or she must be enticed to come inside and order.  One way to generate interest in your food is to install high quality signs outside of your restaurant  indicating the special of the day or even a small menu board that features some of your most popular dishes.


To display this menu in your window previously, you may have tried inferior tapes or sticking agents that don’t look good or are fiddly to apply. The menu starts to warp and detach from the window, gathering dust and maybe insects. Not a look you want.



Introducing SQOTS™ double sided sticky tape. Its superior quality and clarity allows you to affix your menu securely and neatly and it stays that way. The SQOTS™-Tape (which has its own built in cutter) is applied to the edges of 2 menus – using one menu to display the front and the other menu to display the back.


Next the backing of the tape is easily peeled off from the middle of each piece by the easy peel edges. Now both sides are ready to be attached to the inside of your window or glass door, looking and staying fabulous.


Note:  SQOTS™-Tape is repositionable for a time. Depending on exposure to light over time the adhesive becomes more permanent.  Over a longer period of time, the adhesive may lose some of its transparent quality having a yellow tinge. If your Menu display gets to that stage, it is probably time to update your menu anyway. Once the adhesive becomes more permanent, a solvent, like Toluene, may be needed to remove adhesive residue (this is usually after a period of a few months).


Many people are reluctant to walk into restaurant if they do not have some idea of what types of food are offered. A small menu board outside allows pedestrians passing by to determine whether or not your restaurant offers selections that appeal to them.


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Put up signs, announcements, events in glass panes in seconds! Removable on one side and leaves no residue. (Not removable from the side that adheres to the poster). Ideal for stores, offices, schools, home and practically everywhere. Invisible Solution. Visible Results.

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