Better Way to Glue

Children’s Creative Work

Children’s creative work should always be facilitated and appreciated.


What makes a person creative?  Why are some people more creative and others less so?  We often think that the creative people are the ones who have some rare and unattainable ability, but that is often not the case.


Most children love arts and crafts. Whether in school or at after school programs, these classes give children the ability to express themselves in creative ways. Elementary school teachers report that most pupils look forward to art class. The time gives kids much needed respite from facts and figures. It lets them relax and let their minds wonder in unexpected ways.  Here is one idea to encourage your children to use their imagination in a fun way and to display the finished art work on a fridge (or a wall or a cupboard) to show our appreciation to their talents and creativity.



Tiny felt or foam shapes are arranged by the child on a piece of paper and then stuck in place using SQOTS™. When the piece is finished with, added drawing, colouring or writing, a SQOTS™ is applied under each corner and the work is placed in position.


In addition to letting a kid’s imagination run wild, arts and crafts are a wonderful way to bond with your children. Like any shared project, kids feel like they are part of a team and that they are free to express their own ideas. Working on simple art projects at home can help your child become more independent and assertive. Most importantly, it will give them a sense of accomplishment. The statement, “I made that” is a very powerful one.


Fun Afternoon with the Kids

Weekends and holidays are probably the best time to work on arts and crafts with your kids. Not only do children love the time you spend with them, this is a good time to let out the kid in us! This will give the “kids” chance to show off their artworks to an audience. Because friends and family members stop by on most major holidays, or visit the kids every other weekend, your child can put her favorite creations on display.


Often, for free or without having to spend much money, we can make time with our kids fun and interesting by just using a little imagination and creativity. Watch this short video of one fun afternoon spent at home with two kids!



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