Better Way to Glue

Balloon Party Tricks

SQOTS™ add another dimension to the fun that you can have with Balloons.


The adhesive of SQOTS™ Tabs works wonderfully on most standards Balloons. Without a product like SQOTS™ Tabs, Balloon structures and shapes are usually limited to what you can do by tying the Balloons together by their knotted end and perhaps using string. With SQOTS™ Tabs, Balloons of the same and different sizes can be joined at almost any point on their expanded surfaces. If you are lucky enough to also have some balloons filled with Helium even more possibilities open up joining Helium Balloons together and mixes of Helium and normal air inflated balloons.



Applying the SQOTS™ Tabs can be done in two ways. The first way is to use the dispenser box and when lifting the Box away; slide it to the side a little along the Balloon surface (Not down). This will easily release the SQOTS™ Tabs. The second way is to do it via a finger transfer. Insure your fingers are free of dirt and oily substances. While the oils of your finger can slightly reduce the strength of the adhesion a finger transfer of SQOTS™ Tabs works well for Balloons. This is because the SQOTS™ Tabs stick far more readily to the Balloon surface than they do to your finger. This can be very handy when you want to pre-align the Balloons to see where they will touch and simply slip your finger onto the closest approximation to the best place to bond the Balloons put the balloons. Note this can be more accurate and more convenient that trying to use the dispenser box in some instances.


A fun way to build a structure made of balloons for parties! Building Blocks Balloons! Use Sqots to put up party decorations without worrying about leaving ugly marks on the surface, offering a clean, versatile, and preferred alternative to tapes and liquid and hot glues.



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